State of the Pack Howl

As 2013 has come to an end and we look forward to a bright 2014, I have the pleasure of writing a State of the Pack howl.

 2013 saw VAN-PAH grow from just a few pups meeting for dinners to a fully fledged group with monthly puppy moshes and more events thrown in. We had our first birthday this past summer and the January mosh we just had not only marked a year of moshes but also our biggest one ever with almost 40 people total!

 At each event we are continuing to fulfil our mission of creating a safe place for those involved in puppy play to participate, and also a safe space for those interested or curious to explore. Our open invitation, no gear required (although gear is admired) events will continue to serve as a way of strengthening and growing the local puppy play community and educating the community at large.

 Over the year we have had members step up and contribute greatly. Pup Chase has become our poster pup and is continuing to make our event posters amazing and VAN-PAH would also like to thank Pup LuvYVR for taking lead on organizing our first ever VAN-PAH XPUP-MAS Dinner.

 2013 also saw VAN-PAH making great connections in the wider community. From a bar night with the Vancouver Men In Leather where we had the pleasure of hosting Intl. Puppy Slavepup Axel, the Vancouver Pride Parade with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and the involvement of the BC Bears with our XPUP-MAS Dinner we look forward to developing these relationships further.

 As we look forward to 2014, we are excited to support Rubbout (in April), play host to this year’s Northwest Puppy Contest (In August), and work with our host bar to continue being able to accommodate our growing group.

 In addition, we would like to thank our sister organizations in the region, SEA-PAH and PDX-PAH, for their support and we look forward to supporting the many exciting events that are upcoming across the region.

Yours in Service,

 Pup Figaro, Alpha of VAN-PAH

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