May Events

Mosh Time

Come one come all. Everyone welcome from pets to Handlers to the curious. Enjoy some time on the mats or get to know your fellows in the pets and Handlers community.

Come have fun with us and get all the licks and scritches!

Join the pups and Handlers of VAN-PAH for our regular monthly mosh!
Saturday May 6th from 2:00pm – 4:00pm @ The PumpJack, 1167 Davie St, Vancouver

Whether you are going to romp, socialize or just explore, come on out and have some fun!

A mosh is an opportunity for pups and Handlers to get together and socialize. You’ll find pups romping around, playing with toys and having an all around blast while Handlers socialize and play with the puppies.

*Always remember puppy gear is admired but never required! WAGS!

May Walkies:  Geocaching in Central Park (Burnaby)

Join us May 20th in Central Park in Burnaby @ 10AM as we embark on a geocaching adventure.

We can all meet just outside the Patterson Skytrain Station and then go from there.

May Camping Trip: Shadow Falls

VAN-PAH is excited to announce our first community camping trip! May 26-28 we will be heading up to Shadow Falls Campground ( Shadow Falls is a gay owned clothing optional campground about 1.5hrs east of Vancouver heading towards Harrison Hot Springs. They have about 40 acres of private property with many amenities such as loonie run hot showers, flush toilets, club house with pool table and social area, large social fire pit, small store for firewood and power even at the tent sites.


Shadow Falls is a self-registration campground. Please go to http://www.shadowfalls.capages/reserve.html to register. We are planning on two nights so if you are coming for the whole weekend, put in dates of May 26, leaving May 28.
Important: Please put in the comments section that you are coming for the VAN-PAH weekend. This will help us coordinate with the owners to get those people in tents close together.
Please try to reserve by May 6, 2017 so we can best coordinate the tent sites we need. As there is limited space, it is important to register earlier.

Rates (in CAD)
Tenting rates are $15 per person per night. It’s best to bring cash if possible.
RV rates are $5 per night for the RV plus $15 per person per night.
Things to Know
• Bring loonies (Canadian dollar coins for our US friends) for the showers. One loonie does 7 minutes.
• As the campground is in the mountains, please check the weather for “Harrison Mills, BC” for that weekend and be prepared for cooler temps.
• Tarps for tents are a good idea in case it rains.
• There are limited spaces for very large tents. We’ll work with the owners to try to group us regardless.
• Cell coverage in the area is spotty at best. The site does have WiFi in the camping area which is good for casual use but don’t expect to be streaming video. Keep in mind everyone has to share the connection.
• The site is very human puppy friendly so bring your hoods, masks, and whatever else.
• Keep in mind that there may be other campers so sexual activity should be kept away from public view.
• Bio-dogs are allowed at the campground but must be on a leash in the main camping area. Dogs can be off leash outside of the main camping such as the trails above the campground.
• There are small stores/gas stations relatively close to the campsite for those that forget something critical. There is also a Walmart about 30-40min drive from the campground.
• For any of our US friends that may come up, note that it is best to get your food and such on the Canadian side of the border. Less hassle when crossing.

As this is the first time we are doing this, we want this trip to be a community driven weekend. Bring your games. Bring your tunes. Connect with people you haven’t much. Make this weekend what you want of it.

Final Note
Tugger and Digger will be going up rain or shine so even if the weather looks off, come on up. At this time of year there are no fire bans so we’ll be able to keep warm. There is always snuggles otherwise!


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