Vancouver Pride 2019

Welcome to Vancouver Pride 2019!

The biggest walkies of the year is almost upon us, with less than two weeks to go until the big day. We are so happy to be marching and sharing our pride together with you.

Below you will find important information and rules, we ask that you please spare but a few minutes to read the website. The following information and rules are not just for your safety but also the safety of those around you, we can’t be in all aspects of the Parade and need your Handler & Puppy eyes to look out for each other.

This year we are introducing a Trailer for the Parade and it requires a little extra work, to make sure that no one is hurt.

Please take the time to read this information.

Your VANPAH Board.

Walkies: Fireworks

Want to come see the loud sky shineys? Let’s go for walkies.

Saturday August 3rd be @ Pumpjack by 8.00pm

As an additional bonus, the Davie Street party has returned and there will be many Pups running around, sniffing at strangers and barking at all the wonderful visitors.

So plan ahead, enjoy the street party but remember to be at Pumpjack for no later than 8pm.


The Important Stuff

Parade Info

  • This year our entry number is BS1.
  • Our staging area is on the East side of Robson Street between Thurlow and Burrard. (Enter West onto Robson St. from Burrard street)
  • Marchers must arrive by 11.30 am.
  • The route proceeds down Robson to Denman to Beach and ends at Sunset beach.

VANPAH Start Location2019 Pride Parade Route 2


The Rules

  • All participants are subject to all municipal, provincial and federal laws and/or bylaws. Alcohol and Drugs are strictly prohibited.
  • No throwing things into the crowd. We aren’t handing anything out but it’s still important to state.
  • No confetti. Again, this shouldn’t be an issue but remembering to pack everything out that you pack in is important.
  • Keep moving. Parade entries must keep moving forward to prevent gaps in the parade. The folks holding the VAN-PAH banner will keep a good distance from the entry in front of us so just hang out having fun behind the banner and you’ll be all set.
  • If parade staff ask you to do something etc please listen and be polite.


Vehicle & Trailer Rules

New for VANPAH this year we have a Vehicle and Trailer, this requires additional safety information. As a group we also need Guard Dogs to be present at all 6 wheels of the Vehicle & Trailer.

If you leave any belongings in the Trailer while on the Parade, you must remember to retrieve your items before the end of the Parade. This can only be done safely while the Vehicle is no longer in motion, the Vehicle & Trailer will be departing at the end of the Parade and anything left behind is not the responsibility of VANPAH.

Signup for Riding the Trailer is first come first serve, as there are limited spaces. Due to limited spaces, those who are unable to walk the parade WILL get first call to ride the Trailer. VANPAH does reserve the right to ask any Handler or Pups to dismount from the Trailer in favor of another who can not walk the route on the day.

Guard Dog Duty is an important role and the more volunteers we have the easier it will be to rotate between Handlers or Pups so we can all enjoy the parade.




Signup for the Trailer must be completed by Friday August, 2nd, 2019.

Due to limited space on the Trailer, we can not allow all signups on the Trailer and VANPAH will make the final decision on the day.


  • No Boarding or Unboarding of the Vehicle or Trailer, while it is moving.
  • Do not climb or move in front of the Vehicle while its in motion.
  • Please stay seated at all times while riding the Trailer, this is for your safety should the Vehicle need to break sharply.
  • If on Guard Dog Duty, you must stay near the wheels while its in motion.
  • Volunteers maybe drafted while on route for Guard Dog Duty.
  • Please take directions from Parade Staff & the VANPAH Board members.


Things to Consider

  • Plan on carrying whatever you bring with you.
  • It’s going to be hot. Bring water (CamelBaks etc are useful). VAN-PAH will have some water as well but bringing water is a good idea when being really active.
  • Make sure you have sunscreen. Again, it’s usually hot and sunny on the parade route.
  • We try and gather at the end for a group photo so keep an eye out.

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