August Howl 2019

VAN-PAH Pride March


Thank you for attending the PRIDE March and the all so amazing Fireworks, we had a blast and hope you did too. We are only as good as our members and every one of you was so well behaved for PRIDE weekend. That we’re giving you all free belly rubs and scritches, all because you have been Good Puppies & Handlers. Yes you have!

VAN-PAH Walkies Beach Day

Sunday, August 11th, 11am – 4pm @ Wreck Beach (The Oasis)
This Month’s walkies is a trip down to the Beach, for a long sun soaked afternoon lying across the sand @ The Oasis.

To find your way to The Oasis, it’s as simple as riding Transit Bus 14 out to UBC, from Vancouver City Centre. A short 15-20 Minute walk to Trail 7, going down the trail (stairs) turn right, and finish off with a small 10 minute walk along to The Oasis.

Pup Vogue will be there for an early setup, so if you are struggling to find the location contact Vogue through Telegram and they will be able to give you at location help.

Don’t forget to bring Food, Snacks, Drinks and Sun Screen as it’s going to be a long day.

Vancouver Queer Film Festival
VQFF, August 20-21st 9.30pm @ International Village, W Pender St. V6B 6N9

It’s with great pleasure that we get to announce that we have 20 free tickets to attend two screenings across two wonderful evenings at the International Village, Cineplex.

This is a Member Driven event from Pack Puppy & his husband Jim and open to all to attend.The Vancouver Queer Film Festival (VQFF) is a vibrant space for queer arts, culture, and community. It showcases dynamic and thought-provoking films from British Columbian filmmakers as well as other Canadian and international directors and storytellers.

As Western Canada’s largest queer arts event, the Festival curates films which contextualize and celebrate queer lives and experiences and prioritize foregrounding diverse identities in our communities, including narratives from trans people, queer people of colour, and Indigenous people.

“The theme this year is See for yourself. It is an invitation, an enticement, a provocation, and a flirtation to give yourself over to the beauty and complexity of queer film.

We hope you can attend and enjoy Have We Met Before & Mr Leather.

Contact Pack Puppy Telegram @PackPuppy if you are interested in attending.

VQFF: Have We Met Before?

VQFF, August 20th 9.30pm @ International Village, W Pender St. V6B 6N9

Longing, loneliness, serendipity, missed connections and parallel lives are the themes explored throughout this charming short film program. Have We Met Before? documents the history of queer men’s hook-up culture, from bathrooms, cruising and the hanky code to internet chat rooms and dating apps. Spectrum follows a diverse cast of characters through a single night in Manchester’s gay village; for some it’s their first night out of the closet and in the village, for others it’s a familiar haunt with old friends. Finally, In The Dark is a peek into the sexy basement of a Berlin cruise bar, where lovers find their desires piqued and their curiosities stimulated.

Have We Met Before? | Oliver Mason | United Kingdom | 2019 | 12 min | English
Spectrum | Abigail Henry, Christopher Bowles, Kieron Moore | United Kingdom | 2018 | 37 min | English
In The Dark | Rory Midhani | Germany | 2018 | 5 min | No dialogue

Total runtime: 54 min

VQFF: Mr. Leather

VQFF, August 21st 9.30pm @ International Village, W Pender St. V6B 6N9

In 2018, the second edition of the Mr. Leather Brazil competition is underway. The title is being fought over by Dom PC, Kake, Deh Leather, and Maoriguy. The winner will receive the ribbon from the hands of Dom Barbudo, the first Mr. Leather in the country, and has the task to promote the culture of leather during the next year. The contest stirs the passions of the gay fetish community of São Paulo.

This artful and intimate documentary tells the history of the Brazilian Mr. Leather competition, a thrilling opportunity for the emerging leather and kink community in the city of São Paulo. Featuring a sardonic but loving narrator who takes great pleasure in the drama of recounting the love and resentments within the community, this sexy documentary takes a mischievous, intimate view into leather culture, probing personal histories, gender politics, and queer visibility in the increasingly politically conservative Brazilian nation. The film also never lets the interviewees get away with contradictions when it comes to issues of gender and inclusion, offering a more radical approach to how a leather community can work. The stylized, artistic approach to documentary makes Mr. Leather a unique, sincere journey into a culture that is often misunderstood and misrepresented.

Mr. Leather | Daniel Nolasco | Brazil |2019 | 85 min | Portuguese with English Subtitles.

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