October Howl 2019

October Events

We have a lot planned for you this month and in coming months. Don’t forget to checkout/subscribe to the calendar!


VAN-PAH General Announcement



Thank you for taking the time to read through this months Howl, it contains all the latest and relevant information.


September Walkies will be at Richmond, Night Market on Saturday 28th not Friday. It was a mistake pointed out in the last howl. An announcement will go out several times next week to make sure the message gets out.Earlier in the week, we also released the Christmas Survey, to hear your voices and what you would like for the festive season.

If you have not completed the Survey yet, there is still plenty of time to make it happen:


Northwest Puppy & Handler Contest Winners

Congratulations to our newest North West Title holders Sir J from Seattle and Pup Rufio from Portland. We wish you a year full of love and success for the beginning of your title year.


Walkies to the Night Market

September 28th @ 6.30 – 9pm 8351 River Rd, Richmond, BC 

Awoo! Are you a hungry puppy? Do you like shopping for stuff? Join VAN-PAH as we go to the Richmond Night Market. Bring your gear and brave the crowds with us on Saturday September 28th at 6.30 pm. Richmond Night Market is easily accessible by car or a short walk from Bridgeport station, and has hundreds of food stalls, vendors, and other attractions.

Meet near the main entrance and we’ll go in as a group. Admission will be paid once everyone is assembled, (BRING CASH FOR VENDORS) Dress for the weather since this is an outdoor event. Food, shopping, and puppy shenanigans!


VANPAH will pay for your ticket into the Night Market, however you must be on time and arrive promptly at 6.30pm if you are late you may have to buy your own ticket.

VAN-PAH Puppy-Tails Social

Friday, October 4th, 8:00pm until late @ Pumpjack


Come on out for a social evening with everyone from our puppy and pet community. We’ll be meeting in the back area, that for our birthday weekend is our space for the evening. Wear your leather, rubber, fuzzy, or whatever other gear you want. Of course gear is admired but never required. Having fun is the only requirement. DJ starts around 10pm for those that want to dance. Spread the word and lets all have a fun time.

VAN-PAH September Mosh

Join the pups and Handlers of VAN-PAH for our regular monthly mosh!

Saturday, October 5th, 2:00pm – 4:00pm @ The PumpJack, 1167 Davie St, Vancouver

Whether you are going to romp, socialize or just explore, come on out and have some fun!

A mosh is an opportunity for pups and Handlers to get together and socialize. You’ll find pups romping around, playing with toys and having an all around blast while Handlers socialize and play with the puppies.

*Always remember puppy gear is admired but never required! WAGS!



Walkies to the Ghost Train

October 28th @ 6.30 – 9pm @ Stanley Park Railway, 690 Pipeline Rd, Vancouver, BC

AwoOOoooOOOOooo! *Rattles Leash*

In the dead of night, a rumble along the darkened track can be heard. You are unsure of the sound, as it gets louder.

The abandoned railway has been empty for years, why is there a train? You look down the track and look on in surprise as a Ghost Train full of Pups and Handlers comes rolling into the station much to the bemused look of the other passengers.

That’s right we’re heading to Stanley Park for the all so spooky Alice in Nightmare land.

Don’t forget to bring glowy/shiny things as there will be blacklights, spooky pictures and of course the main attraction a ride along the Ghost Train.

VAN-PAH Reminders

To continue to be Good Animals and Handlers, we do have to make just a few additional reminders.
  • Membership Reminder: It’s that time of year when the first renewals of VAN-PAH memberships are coming up. Watch your inbox for a reminder email and check out the Membership Perks page to refresh your memory about all the cool stuff you get with VAN-PAH membership!

  • Please no outside Food or Drinks be brought into Pumpjack. We have been told that some of our members have been bringing in outside food/drinks into PJ’s, as empty packaging has been found. We are sorry to mention this but our host venue work’s hard not just for us, but also it’s other patrons and we need to look after our venue.
  • When not on the Mat’s please remember to wear Shoe’s on your feet, this not only protects your paws from broken glass, various individuals from stepping on toes and of course from getting hurt. This is also a bar requirement and not something we can chose to ignore.
  • Gear is admired, but not required to attend any and all of VANP-PAH’s events.
  • Consent is not just mandatory, it is also sexy!

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