[VAN-PAH] Committee Recruitment

Looking to help serve the community? Now’s your chance to be a service pup and a helping handler!
VAN-PAH is recruiting volunteers to participate, help set up events, update the bylaw, and more!

Shadow Falls Camp Committee 

If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one around to hear it fall… does it make a sound?

Well you can find out by joining the Shadow Falls Camp Committee, where together we can build on our successful camping excursion from last year.

We would like to put together a committee to help grow the event, come up with new ways to get involved and have fun whether it’s a group fire pit, a larger selection of games, or maybe organizing an excursion off the site to have a fun hike somewhere in the woods.

Chaired by TeeKay, you will help decide how the event shapes up. VAN-PAH would like 4 to 5 members to be on the committee.

All you need do is email vanpah@gmail.com with the title “Shadow Falls Camp Committee” and state your name with any ideas or suggestions to be made.

Pride Committee

Due to the overwhelming response of wanting a better and stronger presence at Vancouver Pride, the VAN-PAH Board will be putting together a committee to meet away from the regular moshes and board meetings, to decorate the float. Come up with a system that will allow our members rotate with carrying our banner, or Guard Dog duty for our moving vehicle. As a basic idea, with many other things to discuss,

Chaired by TeeKay, VAN-PAH would like to invite 4 to 5 members from the membership to be on the committee.

All you need do, is send an email to vanpah@gmail.com with the title VAN-PAH Pride Committee, with your name and what you would like to see for this year’s Pride.

It’s that simple.

We look forward to what comes next and can’t wait to start planning.

Bylaw Review Committee

Chaired by Clever with board members: Scooby, Werel, and Zan.

Work closely with the Board to help shape upcoming policy and bylaws for your organization!

The VAN-PAH Board are looking for volunteers for the Bylaw Review Committee.

Volunteers must be members in good standing and have a keen eye for policy and legalese. Due to the complex nature of the bylaw review process, volunteers will need to provide 3 or 4 working meeting commitments, plus an additional 15-20 hours of online work through Google Suite and Telegram.

Please send a short email to vanpah@gmail.com with the title Bylaw Review Committee if interested and list any relevant experience or knowledge. Scheduling for working meeting will be used to choose suitable community candidates.

VAN-PAH Official Barkroom Moderators

VAN-PAH is officially launching a Telegram group chat to help members of the community to socialize, communicate with the Board, and find information on upcoming events, and we need you to help the board moderating the group chat.

Administered by Yu-Kai, if you would like to help moderate the group, please send a short email to vanpah@gmail.com with the title “VAN-PAH Official Barkroom Moderators” if interested.

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