PAH Pride

You’re invited to PAH Pride 2020!

To our Members,

We are writing this message on behalf of the assembled PAH boards from the Northwest region. In no particular order:

NW-PAH – Northwest Pups and Handlers
SEA-PAH – Seattle Pups and Handlers
PDX PAH – Portland Pets and Handlers
IN-PAH – Inland Northwest Pups and Handlers
SOR-PAH – Southern Oregon Region Pups and Handlers
VAN-PAH – Vancouver Pups and Handlers
MVR-PAH – Mid-Willamette Valley Pups and Handlers

As a united group across ALL borders, we are aware of the shift in social activities due to COVID-19. Most if not all Pride events have been cancelled due to the global pandemic.

Although we understand the necessary action and precautions taken, we as a region still want to give back to the larger community and celebrate Pride any way we can.

As a result, we have come together to present PAH Pride 2020!

We are organizing 3 educational classes (with guest speakers), a Virtual Mosh, social hour, and live DJs in collaboration with FetchNW to take us into the evening. All of this will be free of charge and accessible via Zoom!

Join the Telegram group below to stay up-to-date with announcements, ask questions, and more!

Don’t forget to save the date, Saturday June 27th, 12 PM to 12 AM PDT for a full day of PAH Pride!

Yours in Service,
PAHs of the Northwest Region

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