August 19, 2021 – A Message from the VAN-PAH President, Figaro.

It is often said that all good things must come to an end. So to it is with VAN-PAH.

Over the last 9 years the puppy community in Vancouver grew from disparate pups and handlers trying to find each other to a bustling community with groups and sub groups, families and packs, friends and enemies and more. In short, it has grown up. VAN-PAH grew and changed with the community in an effort to continue to serve an ever larger membership with differing, and sometimes competing, needs. 

We have reached a point where the formalization of VAN-PAH into a legal society has become a barrier to growth and continued development. To that end the directors of VAN-PAH, in an open meeting (Aug 19, 2021), voted to begin the process of dissolution of the Vancouver Pups and Handlers Society. 

What does this mean for you as a member of VAN-PAH?

Puppies existed before VAN-PAH and will continue to exist into the future. VAN-PAH never has been the sum total of the community. The community is all of you who live and move within it every day. The dissolving of VAN-PAH, and retiring of the name, will clear the way for all who desire to create events (virtual and otherwise) and build community in their own unique ways. As the founder of VAN-PAH, I have no doubt that the puppy community in Vancouver will continue to be a wonderful tapestry of experiences and personalities.

Undoubtedly there will be questions about the process of winding down a legal entity and what it means for the membership. The board discussed and voted on the following:

  • All members who paid for a membership from March 2020 to now will be refunded their fee.
  • Once all refunds, filing fees etc, have been accounted for the remainder of VAN-PAH’s financial assets will be split and donated to The Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the Vancouver Animal Shelter.
  • VAN-PAH’s mosh mats will be donated to the Vancouver Men in Leather so that they can stay within the community.
  • Any VAN-PAH assets of historical significance will be donated to the Leather Archives and Museum
  • The VAN-PAH name will be retired and the digital records preserved.
  • VAN-PAH official spaces, chats etc will be wound down so that other already existing, and perhaps new, avenues/chats/groups can take their place at the forefront.

It has been an honor to see this community grow and change over the last nine years and to see what was once a dream, flourish. In all honesty I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sad, but that sadness is matched by my confidence that this decision is the best way forward for the community. 

Yours in Service,


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