Community Camping Trip 2018

Community Camping Trip 2018

May Camping Trip: Shadow Falls

VAN-PAH is excited to continue with our community camping trip!

May 25-27 we will be heading up to Shadow Falls Campground ( Shadow Falls is a gay owned clothing optional campground about 1.5hrs east of Vancouver heading towards Harrison Hot Springs. They have about 40 acres of private property with many amenities such as hot showers, flush toilets, club house with pool table and social area, large social fire pit, small store for firewood/snacks and power even at the tent sites. Come enjoy the grotto and the waterfalls. Take a dip in the brisk lower falls pool. Take a hike up the mountain to overlook the valley. Or hang out around your camp and share stories with friends.

Check here on the the site or our Telegram announcements channel for additional information and last minute updates.


We have a good group already reserved for the camping weekend. Reservations can still be made up to the actual weekend though keep in mind that as the date gets closer you may have less options for available sites. You can reserve by following the below link. If you have a group that all want to share the same site, the campground recommends that one person puts in a reservation for the group and the staff will do their best to keep everyone together.

Make sure you put in the comments that you are attending with VAN-PAH

Costs for the weekend are as follows, payable to the camp site once you arrive:

Tenting rates are $15 per person per night

RV rates are $5 for utilities per night + $15 per person per night (one person is $20 per night, two people are $35 per night, etc)

The site accepts cash, debit, and credit for payment of camping/RV fees as well as for snacks, ice, and firewood.

Showers require 1 Loonie ($1 Canadian coin) per 7 minutes. I recommend budgeting for 2 Loonies per shower


Please see the following link for directions on how to get to Shadow Falls Campground.


Last year we had our community step up to bring things to do that everyone could partake in. We had some volleyball, a movie night under the stars, and a hike. This year we urge anyone who wants to get a group together to do things to email with what you’d like to do and when (what day and if it’s time sensitive). This way we can set up a bit of a schedule so everyone knows what is going on. Want to bring your favorite game to play? Want to take a few people into the woods for a photoshoot or go for a hike? Let us know!

Important: Keep in mind that the camp site does not have good cellular coverage and the Wi-Fi is shared with the entire camp so plan to do things that are less internet connected ☺

What to Bring

Remember that the camp site is in the mountains so the weather can fluctuate considerably, especially after sunset. We recommend adding the following items to what you are bringing:

  • Sweater/Onesie/Kigu/etc for the chilly evenings and a good blanket for tenters
  • Flashlight for walking around after dark
  • Lighting for your camp site to make it easy to find plus adds to the fun
  • Rain resistant clothing in case the weather turns
  • A ground tarp and a top tarp for tenters in case it rains
  • Lawn blanket/towel and shade umbrellas for sun tanning as the weather permits
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray in case mosquitoes are out early
  • Soap and shampoo for the showers
  • Good shoes if you plan on hiking up to the dam or the overlook (sandals/flip-flops are not recommended for these)
  • This year VAN-PAH will be hosting a lunch on the Saturday so that everyone can get together and socialize over food so keep that in mind when packing food

If you do end up forgetting something there is a convenience store fairly close by and a Walmart about a 20 min drive away.


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