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  1. Dear Pup Figaro,
    I wanted to thank you for allowing me to help out on Saturday for the contest (promoting donations, raffle tickets and moving the stage.) I am new to the community I find myself in the awkward spot or trying to meet new people in a new setting. As I had mentioned, I’m a better worker than a socializer, so in that, if you guys need any help in the future, I’d love to actively volunteer for anything that you may need help with. This ultimately allows me to become more integrated in the community as well.

    Hope to see you guys around
    – Lavose

  2. its hard being a pup when you can’t find a owner after spending years looking

  3. Hey just curious about events I don’t ever seem to see any other than the monthly mosh

    • Hello Maverick,

      Our apologies for definite lack of programming. Van Pah underwent a lot of changes in the past few months and we’ve been working to reorganize and restructure to provide the community with more opportunities to socialize. This month we will be visiting the Corn Maze in Pitt Meadows on Oct 14th and Fright Nights at Playland on Oct 28th. We will be posting event details later tonight on the Web, Facebook group, and mailing list. If you’d like to be on the mailing list and receive real time updates plz send an email to with your preffered name, bday and any other questions and I’ll be happy to add you right away. Thanks!

      Pup Trubl

  4. Were having a Pup party in Chilliwack January 13 2017 at Wilde Oscars here downtown at the Royal Hotel…..we are inviting Pups and Handlers for an evening in the Valley book a room at the hotel and come to Pup Party 2017 at the gay club in the valley

  5. For Pup night in Chilliwack info call me 250 306 5125

  6. ‪@vanpah walked in to my first mosh and got a drink. As I was ordering I heard squeaky toys and my ears perked up. Sat at a table off to the side and watched as all the pups played and cuddled. Made my day week month and year. Thank you for putting this on. -wags- happy pup. ‬

  7. any pups or handlers want to hang out or get a drink tomorrow night with a pup visiting from out of town? thinking maybe at pumpjack

  8. i am wanting to reach out to van pah for a member created event based in seattle please email me and i will gladly give details – All the barks and wags service Pup Tec

  9. Is there any guys from Prince George on here? I’m wanting to get started in pup play and just need some help.

    • Hi! If you’re looking for an opportunity to be social with pups from around BC and not just the lower mainland, I would suggest you try out the BC Pups and Handlers chat group on Telegram. If you’d like the link, please feel free to email us at and we can forward you the link.


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