VAN-PAH Documents

VAN-PAH Bylaws

Privacy Policy

Puppy Groups in the Pacific Northwest:

SEA-PAH (Seattle Pups and Handlers)

PDX-PAH (Portland Pups and Handlers)

Calgary Kinky Kennel

Puppy Groups:

A-PAH (Arizona Pups and Handlers)

Ruff Pups CNKY (Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky)

St. Louis Puppy Patrol

Sunshine Puppies on the Run

Sirius Pups (Australia)


Doghouse Leathers (Seattle)

Mr. S Leather (San Francisco)


Northwest Puppy Contest

International Puppy & International Puppy and Handler Contests

Rubbout (A locally produced fetish weekend in, Vancouver BC, that traditionally includes a Puppy Party)

Puppies in the Mountains

Learning & Community:


Sirius Pups

Puppy Play 101

The Happy Pup


No Safe Word Podcast

Woof! Perspectives into the Erotic Care & Training of the Human Dog by Michael Daniels (2006) (Book)

Bark! by Justin St. Clair (2015) (Book)

  1. Thinking of attending my first event this Saturday, March 1st. What should I look for and expect?

    • Hi Richard. Think of it like a dog park. Puppies playing and Handlers etc standing around socializing. I look forward to seeing you there.
      – Pup Figaro

  2. I just realized that Interior BC PAH is not on the list! Here’s the link to their page to add to the list. *leaves bacon strip as thank you* :3

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